Located in the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors we are committed to breeding quality Alpacas from the finest genetics.

Our Approach

People keep Alpacas for different reasons.

There are those who specialise in yarn production, others keep Alpacas as pets and a growing number of owners, including ourselves, focus on breeding Alpacas to improve fleece quality for the burgeoning British Alpaca fibre industry.

Our breeding programme draws on elite genetics including those of our own herd sire Beck Brow Crafter with the aim of improving the fleece characteristics and conformation of our Alpaca progeny each year.

We are constantly learning and updating our husbandry to maximise the conditioning and welfare of our Alpacas.


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We sell Alpaca bedding products and 100% pure Alpaca yarn that is spun at a micro mill exclusively from the fleeces of individual Alpacas in our herd.

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