(Solid Dark Brown)
Date of Birth: 24/06/2009

Brillo was one of the first pet boys we bought when we decided to keep Alpacas.

Pet boys are castrated males called wethers who are not deemed suitable for breeding (perhaps due to conformation or fleece characteristics).

This does not mean they do not produce quality yarn. It is rather unfortunate that we named him Brillo (this was before we decided to process wool!) as Brillo has a fine fleece that always produces a beautiful soft chestnut brown yarn in abundance! Brillo is an intelligent, macho, confident boy who looks out for his half-brother Barney. He has a great temperament and always runs over to see us when we are in the paddock. Alpacas are great herd protectors and Brillo is always the first to alert others of any dangers in the vicinity.