(Solid Black)
Date of Birth: 14/07/2013

Jack is mum Kali’s second Cria born at Fangdale and was our first boy! When he was born, despite being a good birth weight, Jack lacked the strength to stand and feed so for c.18hrs we had to support him while he fed from his mum.


Jack is named in memory of Nicky’s step-father. He has a real presence and his conformation is good but his fleece statistics mean that he hasn’t made the grade as a stud male. We have, however, shown him at the Yorkshire Alpaca Show where he came third facing some stiff competition and at the North West Alpaca Group Show where he was first which was great. Until recently we  used Jack as a spit-off male. For those unfamiliar with Alpacas, we check to see if our females are pregnant by  approaching them with a male. If they are pregnant they usually spit at him, if they aren’t pregnant they Kush waiting to be mated and we take  the male away…poor boy!

We now have a number of males and so have decided to make Jack available for sale as a pet boy, he was castrated in 2017 ending his working life as a spit-off male! He is listed with the British Alpaca Society and is fully halter trained. Jack loves walking on the halter and we have taken him to our local Bilsdale Show where he has built up a fan base! He will make a great pet, grazer or herd guard (e.g. sheep, chickens). Alpacas are herd animals who need the companionship of others so if you do not already keep male Alpacas then you will need to have at least two boys. We are happy to negotiate a discounted package with Boris and/or our other castrated boy, Rupert.  All the Alpacas we sell come with a medical history, care plan and after sales support.



Show Results

North West Alpaca Group Show (05/04/2014)

5th Junior Black Male


Yorkshire Alpaca Group Show (11/10/2014)

5th Intermediate Black Male


Yorkshire Alpaca Group Show (24/10/2015)

3rd Adult Black Male

North West Alpaca Group Show (02/04/2016)

1st Adult Black Male