(Solid Black)
Date of Birth: 22/06/2006

Kali was the first female we bought in 2011 and she is now 11 years old. She is a solid black Alpaca whose background genetics originate from Chile and Peru.

Kali was until recently the dominant female in the group, an intelligent, sometimes feisty female who the others follow. She is an excellent Mum and has given birth to five beautiful Cria since we have owned her – Ellie, Jack, Freddie, Sooty and most recently Finale born this year. While Ellie, Jack, Sooty and Finale are solid black, Freddie is a mid-grey, the outcome of mating Kali (whose mother was grey) with a grey Male, Fowberry Richebourg.  We decided to sell Freddie who is now very happy in his new home with his best friend Ben. After Freddie’s birth, we decided to give Kali a break from pregnancy as we felt she was getting older and looked a little tired! This completely backfired on us as Kali seemed to become very jealous of the other pregnant girls! We again mated Kali to Fowberry Richebourg and last year she gave birth to a solid black girl, a full sister to Freddie called Sooty. Finale was born this year sired by our boy Beck Brow Crafter – we were delighted to see that he was able to cover a black female and produce a black Cria. Why the name Finale? Kali in recent years has always waited until all the others have given birth before delivering but also we feel as though she is now due a retirement although never say never!

We have processed Kali’s fleece into a DK black yarn and also combined her fleece with Roli’s to produce a beautiful grey DK yarn available in our shop.


Show Results

Northumberland County Show (20/04/2007)

2nd Junior Black Female