(Solid Dark Brown)
Date of Birth: 26/06/2016

Rupert is a handsome boy, at least we think so!


Born to Ellie and sired by Crafter, Rupert is very sociable with a gentle temperament and a lovely soft, dark brown fleece that will make beautiful yarn.  In 2016 our females gave birth to 4 male Cria including our prizewinning boy Rooney and so we decided to castrate Rupert and make him available for sale as a pet boy to reduce our numbers. We both work and so keep an eye on the number of Alpacas we keep at any one time although it is so tempting to keep them all!

Rupert is British Alpaca Society notified, fully halter trained and will make a fabulous pet, grazer or herd guard (e.g. sheep, chickens). Alpacas are herd animals who need the companionship of others so if you do not already keep male Alpacas then you will need to have at least two boys. We are happy to negotiate a discounted package with Rupert’s brother Boris and/or our older black castrated boy, Jack.  All the Alpacas we sell come with a medical history, care plan and after sales support.