(Solid White)
Date of Birth: 02/07/2013

Flo is our second solid white Alpaca born to Leonie.

She is the quietest of all our Alpacas and tends to keep herself away from the more boisterous girls. She is great with our Cria and did an amazing job looking after them when we weaned them. Flo has produced some amazing fleeces! Her first fleece had a comfort factor of 100% with 34.3% tested at less than 15 microns! In 2015 we mated Flo with Beck Brow Explorer bringing together some of the finest genetics in the north of England and last year she gave birth to a Horatio, a solid white boy with a lovely fleece.

1st Fleece Statistics – Ultrafine

Av. Micron (μ) 16.3; < 15μ 34.3%, SD Micron 3.9; CF 100%; SL 135mm

2nd Fleece Statistics – Superfine

Av. Micron (μ) 18.3; < 15μ 17.8%,SD Micron 4.4; CF 98.4%.